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Moore BDR  Ltd. is an auditing and consulting company registered in the Slovak Chamber of Auditors with the state license number 6. The company was founded by five partners in 1991 in Banska Bystrica without foreign participation. Currently, the company has 8 equity partners.

As a result of intensive work, the company has managed to rank every year in the TREND’s Top list of audit companies in Slovakia.  The evaluation is  made according to the size of the company and number of audits, which are  executed in the TREND TOP companies. Moreover, in 2009, we were at the first place among companies without foreign participation or companies alliend in foreign networks.

The family company with an international element

In 2010, our company was contacted by the international accountancy firm Moore Global International Limited, in order to become a member of its international network.

 In 2011, the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic granted BDR an award for responsible business operations and significant contribution to the economy and employment of the Slovak Republic on the 20th anniversary of existence of the firm.

MOORE: Helping you thrive in a changing world

In September 2019 a big relaunch of our brand which has become ‘Moore’  was announced. The unveiling of a new logo, visual identity and brand positioning marks the continued evolution of an international network of more than 233 independent firms in 114 countries and a client-focused professional community of more than 30 218 people.

The change from Moore Global Limited Network to Moore encapsulates the traditional core strengths of Moore Stephens, while positioning a more modern brand, supporting the future success of our clients and emphasising our ability to provide global client solutions through our membership and participation in a globally connected accounting and consultancy network.

Martin Kiňo, Partner of BDR, speaking on the launch of the new brand, says:

“I believe that this brand relaunch positions our firm perfectly for our existing and potential clients. ‘Helping you thrive in a changing world’ is the new brand position, and this is the mindset we bring every day to what we do for our clients, as we help them to succeed today and tomorrow. We build relationships based on trust, quality and clear advice, ensuring those we advise have time to focus on what they do best.”

Moore Global CEO, Anton Colella, captures what the new brand means for clients:

“In our changing world, business is increasingly conducted internationally and digitally. Everyone must adapt.

With our new brand – Moore – we choose a new identity fit for a world defined by global decision-making, data-driven insight and the need for agility in all that we do. The brand captures our ability to connect to you locally and globally as we help you realise your ambitions. That is why our brand position is ‘Helping you thrive in a changing world.’

We never lose sight of what makes us strong, and why our network has grown and continues to grow – our commitment to ever stronger relationships with our clients.

So as we look to the future, our brand honours our Moore Global Limited Network heritage, reflecting the strengths that clients have, and can always expect from us: straightforward advice, high quality, and the passion we bring every day to our belief that relationships with clients are about much more than simply a job.”‌

About Moore Global

At Moore, our purpose is to help people thrive – our clients, our people, and the communities they live and work in. We’re a global accounting and advisory family with over 30,000 people in 502 offices across 114 countries, connecting and collaborating to take care of your needs – local, national and international.

When you work with Moore firms, you’ll work with people who care deeply about your success and who have the drive and dedication to deliver results for you and your business. You’ll have greater access to senior expertise than with many firms. We’ll be here for you whenever you need us – to help you see through the maze of information, to guide you in your decisions and to make sure you take advantage of every opportunity. To help you thrive in a changing world.