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Our company has one internal lawyer and depending on the client’s needs  we cooperate with several renowned law firms, thus we can provide the following legal services:

  • Company foundation
    • Memorandum of association, partnership agreement,
    • Processing other necessary documents necessary for company’s establishment,
    • Storing documents in the relevant registers,
    • Registration the new business at tax and customs authorities, registration for social insurance and  health insurance,
    • Creation of a virtual office in our premises if needed,
    • Assistance in search for suitable offices,
    • Advice on the duties and responsibilities of statutory representatives and members of the Board of Directors.
  • Legal advice regarding commercial law
  • Legal advice regarding civil and labour law, legal advice on mergers and acquisitions and transformations of companies
  • A comprehensive legal, fiscal and financial audit (due diligence)
    • Possibility to cooperate with partner companies within the network Moore Global Limited Network International Limited in 103 countries,
    • Risk management in cross-border business transactions,
    • Processing of legal advice, purchase agreements, letters of intent, etc.
    • Post-merger integration and legal support.